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Lets stop the back and forth and arguing and give Dr. V a chance.  She weighed in on the past thread.  She is moving forward on research long planned.  We need to give her a chance and stop bickering.

It is time to move the Cannabis discussion to a Cannabis Support Group. Yahoo has easy to set up support groups and I suggest that those who want to keep beating up the topic start a group where the topic can be managed as you see best fit.

I don't know how Facebook is reacting to the discussion but I know the MB members are tired of the arguing.

Try Yahoo, it is free, easy to manage.  And there are also CVS support groups to be found on Yahoo as well that might welcome the topic.  At this time, this group has become exhausted.


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Hiya again Ginny,

MB Members are tired of the arguing.....I dont see anyone arguing? More of an adult discussion which is what this forum is for isnt it?

For you to say it is time to move the cannabis discussion to a cannabis support group is in my opinion awful. People, members on here who have CVS are being diagnosed with Cannabis Hyperemesis in the emergency rooms. It is a real the every least it should be allowed to be discussed on here surely?  To brush it under the carpet and send CVS patients who smoke cannabis to another "cannabis" support group for answers is very very confusing to say the least. Were all in it together are we not?

I am so very confused with everything now. I agree, lets take a step back and allow Dr V to do her work but you speak like this group has become exhausted as in, you dont want to know anymore, stop posting about cannabis hyperemesis! The CVSA as an organisation want to separate themselves completely from cannabis use. Would that be correct? 

Again, not arguing, only discussing in an adult manner on an adult forum. I appreciate this thread is heading for a deletion but tbh another one will come up. Not by me btw but as I said above, people posted on the other 9 page thread that they have been diagnosed with cannabis causing stands to reason more people will come to this message board looking for answers. Whether you like it or not the connection has been made and is out there

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