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Hi Ada, all the information you are looking for is on the CVSA web page. Under the research tab you can read the testing guidelines for children, with many tests symptom suggestions.  You will also find the Empiric Guidelines which I still find helpful.  The suggestions for supplements, with doctor approval, are also posted there.

For doctors in Europe, there are links to different countries on the CVSA web page.  Many countries now have a CVSA group or liaison who will have the information on doctors.

You can also email the CVSA office and see if Debbie has information on European MDs.  It might be worth the extra travel to get to the US.  Your home country doctor and the US doctor can consult on testing and medication protocal.

You can reach Debbie at

Good luck.  It is very difficult to see your child suffer from this condition.  Most do get much better.

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I recomend Dr Enrique Slodownick at Cedars Sinai. After finding CVSA online and realizing what was wrong with me for years, I mentioned it to him after my colonoscopy and he described exactly what I had. 


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Hi, Josh! 

CVSA is always looking for Doctors to refer to, Especially for adults. You may check with Dr Slodownick about getting on the referral list with CVSA. If you are happy with treatment, he can contact CVSA about getting on the referral list.. or if you refer him with his okay. 

Thank you for your suggestion! 

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