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Hi all - please see my past posts for some history, but the bottom line is that I have not suffered a CVS episode in nearly seven years after changing my diet. 

The links between mito health, your gut, diet and CVS just made too much sense to ignore. was a gigantic resource and a guide to primal (paleo light) eating and NO MORE CVS EPISODES.  Not only that but energy level increased, better sleep and mood, no more bloat, lost 20lbs. 

I cut out grains, refined sugars, wheat, processed foods.  What's in an average meal?  Protein, vegetable, fruit.  I'm fine with dairy so yogurts (not the sugary ones, greek), milk, cottage cheese and (thank the Lord) Haagan Dazs Ice Cream (vanilla with its 5 ingredients).  Dark chocolate is great.  Drink water, tea, coffee (no sugar or cream!).  After the diet change I felt better within weeks, pretty amazing!  I was taking a boat load of supplements (CoQ10 etc) but have since eliminated all of them with no ill effects.      

It's been suggested that maybe I never had CVS, maybe I had celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity or who knows what else.  I just had labs done a couple of weeks ago and my GP ran a Deaminated Gliadin AB IGA that came back normal = no celiac disease.    

CVS is horrible, debilitating, I feel for anyone going through it.  If you haven't tried a diet change yet, I would ask that you consider it.  If you want a great resource, try marksdailyapple.  I've shared this food pyramid with a lot of people -  

Worst case scenario is that you may be eating healthier, best case is that you eat healthy AND cure your case of CVS.  God bless! 


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I’m so glad you have found something that works. A lot of what was eliminated sounds like the migraine microbiome diet that I have heard doctors suggest. I have seen people go vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw.. you name it I’ve seen people try it. My son tried the migraine one as well as the histamine diet.

I’m so glad you shared what worked for you. Thank you!

There is not one diet that seems to work better than others. It’s like the treatments that work for some and not for others. My son was not successful on CoQ10.. I liken it to that. Wonderful to have the info and options to try. We went through so many ourselves.

Thanks again. We love to hear back on what is helping people!

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Terrific suggestions!  Thanks so much, very happy you are well.

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