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There are videos on YouTube.. maybe even if some people puking.. but they are usually ambushed with people telling them they don't want to see it. Even in CVS support groups. Can be a trigger for people.
People have also expressed the dentist gas giving them issues. So nice to know that it doesn't bother you.
As for it going away.. that is something that is hard to track. If people find a good regimen and it's working for them or they go into "remission ", they tend to drift away from support groups. But we have heard of people having long periods of remission.

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We are around 10 or so years out from a cycle with our CVSer.  The former president of CVSA's son was a long term with no episodes.  I have lost touch with her but hopefully he is still episode free.

There is no way to really know unless someone lives to a very old age and dies of natural causes, if CVS is able to sustain remission.

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