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I was reading some articles this week about a new Migraine medication (monoclonal antibodies) that are in final stages of clinical trails. I was curious if anyone knows if any CVS patients have been included in the studies and if this new injection could possibly aid in the treatment of CVS?

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I will tell you that I have been involved with Migraine research and trials. They have very strict criteria for participating. It could be a bit, after it hits that market, that it is used for what they call off-label. Probably even longer before that is able to be approved by insurance companies for those off-label uses. Trying it before can be costly to the patient.. I will give a example of an attempt: They did try to use the Cefaly Device for my son's CVS.. Not covered by insurance.. but being desperate for anything to help.. we paid $500+ out of pocket Plus extra pads to attached.. so close to $700.. for a paperweight. It did not work, and actually exacerbated my son's issues. I know I keep things like this on my radar.. My son has been a guinea pig for his doctor for a few off-label uses.. the latest is actually a med for Alzheimer's. Which scares me.. He's 19. But there are now "proven" off label treatments for migraines with the med. 

Off-Label means not using it for what it was meant for. The side effects of it being beneficial for another condition tend to develop after its released on the market.

SO the answer would be no. They would typically rule out people for participation due to a "separate" condition. They want specific forms of migraines (complex, hemipeligic, menstral, Chronic, NDPH, With or without aura, etc)  to participate.. but CVS is a variant and would not be included in the initial trials. But a doctor somewhere will attempt it after it is released to the market. 

I saw this yesterday and was super excited. That they are trying to pre-treat migraines. I have put it on my watch list of meds to keep an eye on progress and studies. Thank you for helping keep us all aware of possible options!

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