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Hey guys I have a version of CVS called stomach migraines that is the same as CVS but the pain is harder to alleviate than the vomiting. I was wondering if you have noticed that after a shot of dilaudid you felt immediately better and don't even need the zofran or phenergan, the pain and nausea is just gone. Are you like me and is the pain harder to alleviate than the vomiting or is your pain easier to manage than your nausea?

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My son has this extreme abdominal pain. Abdominal migraine. However, we use migraine rescue meds that alleviate his symptoms and a good deal of pain. We pursued the pain meds for a bit, but they are getting harder to get. Plus, the migraine meds are working on the problem. SO, I would suggest that maybe you may try treating you CVS more for a migraine approach. Seek a Neurologist out. Made a HUGE difference for my son.
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