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O no,, here we go,, I have been doing great for a few weeks and BOOM out of the blue this morning I vomited my undigested dinner from the night before.  Approx 10-11 hours in the gut.   Mostly all taco veggies,, olives ,lettuce and tomatoes.   it seem vegetables get me the worse.... I cant seem to always digest them,, so I am on baby food and cereal  to see how I DO..,




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CVS 6 yrs

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That is the same thing that happens to me.  It doesn't happen all of the time but when it does it is the worst...

I was fine for get this 4 months then I woke up Thursday morning and like you said BOOM sick again.  I can usually stop my episodes before they get uncontrollable but it is really gross to wake up to your stomach turning and grumbling...   Since then I have been on my usual diet for when I get sick... soup and oatmeal yummy!

I have noticed that I have to avoid certain foods... tacos are one of them... sloppy joes, chili, and spaghetti also make me sick. I can eat all the the ingredients separately just not together. 

Does anyone know why sometimes dinner from the night before doesn't want to digest?  Does this happen to anyone else?  This is one of my biggest concerns of it because you can't tell when you are getting sick if you are sleeping at least if I am awake I can try to stop it.

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When you throw up undigested food from hours before it is called a motility problem.Motility means movement of food through the gut. Extra fast and extra slow motility  are  a regular part of CVS.It is rarely the  specific food that is the problem, though some high protein meals are  possibly thought to stimulate cycles, and people go through phases where they cant eat this or that, but  find it often changes.Usually there is some other stressor- positive or negative- also involved ,that can be identified which starts the cascade. Read the recent article about CVS by Henry Parkman MD , et al, in the April 2008 issue of Neurogastroenterology and MotilityJournal. Google or get from library.


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My daughter is 8 and this has happened to her and it is so strange to be able to completely identify what is coming up.  It looks like it went from the dinner plate to the toilet.  I was told that the digestive system can completely stop when an episode is coming and while it's not necessarily the food you ate, high fat and rich foods can sit around a while.  I guess anything that is hard to digest (roughage, cheese, fatty, etc...) would be the ones to just sit there.  Although with the last episode, soup came up about 8 hours after she had it and it looked and smelled (not to be gross) just like on the plate....

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This occasionally happens to my boyfriend.  It's weird though, because like other people have said, it doesn't happen all of the time. Blah.

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Happens all the time with my son. If I can't get the cycle aborted early enough his stomach will just stop for 5-6 days. He can eat but it won't digest and he just bloats and bloats until it seems like gallons of undigested food comes up. With him it is everything - even canned fruit like peaches will come up 12-15 hours later undigested. When not in a cycle his motility is actually a bit on the fast side.


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All I can do is share what happens to me.  It is a motility issue.  My guts simple come to a screeching halt just prior to an episode.  Anything that has yet to start to digest just sits there.  Doesn't matter what it is/was, it eventually comes back out.

I know I have posted this before.  I believe part of the nausea comes from food just sitting in the gut fermenting because what ever mechanism is involved here simply shuts down my gut.  When that happens it simply has got to go someplace, so then starts the nausea and the vomiting.


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you took the words from my head, I explain episodes like that as "my stomach just locks down."  It seems toget the point to those who've never experienced it.

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Hi all,

Kate also says. Hmmm my food didn't sit well last night and then she ends up with an episode. This is one of the best clues we have to one coming on.


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I feel like things just stop moving around attacks.  I'm always told that I don't have any bowel sounds when I feel like my insides are trying to get out.  It's gross (is there any part of CVS that isn't).  I think the food just sits and rots, then it makes it's way out in any direction it can.

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Nicki that was hilarious!!! It points to someone who hasn't experienced it... I do love reading the adult forums because the sense of humor over here is incredible!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

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I sure dont have the sense of anything rotting- quite the opposite- more like suspended animation, where food i ate days earlier will come up  totally intact. like the two peas and a carrott cube that came up once after dryheaving for four days.looked like they came  right out of the fridge, not  chewed or ground up or discolored by  stomach acid or anything.Nada.Not a scratch on 'em.Fresh and bright. After i thought i was empty a few days, too!Way weird. And it  always seems my stomach just stops digesting.Aclamp in my high gut, as it crawls to a stop.Does anyone else measure their bloat then? I had a four inch change in rib cage diameter during my last episode.No wonder it hurts all the way around my diaphragm.


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Bloating is something I am very familiar with, sometimes it is so bad I look very pregnant.... So when I go into an attack I usually wear huge jammie pants and a big t shirt because anything that even remotley sits on my stomach hurts so bad..... I also have to wear incontinance pads because my vomiting is so violent I seem to lose control of my bladder(very embarrasing) It overwhelms me with the bloating, and my stomach gets hard as a rock... I often wonder when it happens if there is something I can take to stop it... but so far nothing otc can be mixed with the regimine they give me......

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As a matter of fact I did measure prior to my diagnosis.  I remember it was a super bowl Sunday, and I was all psyched to watch those  "tight ends" in spandex.  A few hours before kick off I started bloating. Then I started puking.  At half time I was beyond miserable.  I took the tape measure off my sewing table and measure around what should have been my waist.  That night I was 60 inches.  So in pain and feeling icky off to the ER we went. I was definitely "full of it."  Their remedy... enema, enema, enema.  When I left I wasn't quite so "full of it."  I still felt incredibly lousy, still had belly pain, and started puking all over again.  It was days before the bloat went away.


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"Rot" might not have been the best choice of words here.  What comes up is pretty much the same as what goes down.  I ment it just kind of sits there sort of the same way that composted table scraps sit there.  They aren't digested is probably a better way to say it.
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