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I hope someone else has had this problem and has some advise for us. 


Our eight and a half year old needs braces.  The orthodontist (who had no idea about CVS) did not really understand my concern over the exposure of the appliances and interaction of the metal or ceramic brackets during her episodes.  She has two or three episodes that end in the hospital most years, sometimes more, sometimes less  - but how will braces be with her cycling for hours?  Yuck.

Any advise about braces, metal vs. ceramic brackets etc. would be great.


This is my first post.


Our daughter's episodes are so unpredictably sporadic that she is still in limbo of being officially diagnosed.  Her Ped GI has run every test as a "rule out of more likely problems" still all negative.  She even had the gal bladder US thanks to the board. 


Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?  (My husband swears it might work but I'm not a huge fan of alternative medicine)


She takes a cocktail of Tylenol, Zantac, and Zofran at the initial signs of an episode and it works about half the time.  Then it's another rush to Gatorade and Cheerios to ground her stomach.  The bath/shower after the snack also seems to help. 


We live constantly on the edge of our seats waiting to rush her the cocktail at her first signs to avoid another ER visit and hospital stay.  Thank god our second daughter, now almost two, has shown no signs of reflux or early signs at all.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions/advice : )


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Hi Hilary!
I don't have an answer to your questions - I just wanted to welcome you and say "congrats" on your first post.  I see you've been a member for quite some time, and I hope with your first post you get some of the answers you're looking for.  Such wonderful, helpful people here, as I'm sure you've already noticed!!
Good luck...I have to admit, that's a hard one to imagine...braces.
Again, welcome!

mom to Riley-12, CVS since age 2, & Autism, Jake-21, and Josh-16

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Hi Hilary.  My son Paul, 18 yrs old is the one with cvs however i am the one with braces.  i don't know anything about interaction with metals or ceramic or any kind of problem that they may pose with different hospital equipment but i do not think that the act of vomiting itself would pose a problem.  although i do not vomit violently or continuously i don't believe the braces themselves would be of issue.  in fact, i think that having the braces which would require monthly visits to the orthodontist may actually be a benefit.  i think that the ortho would likely notice if the teeth are losing enamel from all of the vomiting and would be able to let you know giving you an opportunity to see the regular dentist for treatment.  again, i'm not an expert or anything so this is purely opinion.


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There are some hints in the message board archives on dental care.  Our dentist wanted to pull the braces off due to concerns about the acid in the vomit eroding tooth enamel that is covered by orthodontic appliances.  We ended up making it all the way through without a problem. 


Try to search for teeth, dentists, enamel on the message board.  I hope the threads remain active.

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I've had braces (twice) as well as a variety of retainers etc.  I never had any CVS related problems during orthodontic treatment.  Nor did the braces (or their adjustment, initial placement, etc) cause an increase in CVS episode frequency.  My main triggers are infection, lack of sleep, and positive stress though although I often seemed to have "random" episodes. 


One treatment method I'll pass on from my pediatrician was to allow/encourage the CVSer to drink during the episode.  From early on my doctor pushed fluids even though I was vomiting (in a quest to keep me out of the hospital since it obviously wasn't a stomach bug).  Pushing fluids (always clear like Gatorade, warm jello that had not set, etc) also dilutes the stomach acid making it less harmful to your teeth and esophagus.  I have never had any CVS related dental problems thanks to his departure from the book of withholding liquids from a puker.


Mary Rachael

Mary Rachael
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If you are able to drink during a cycle (my daughter cannot handle anything my mouth), Boston Children's cautioned against anything red.  We found out why when our daughter had red punch and began to vomit copious amounts of what seemed to be fresh blood.  I thought she was hemorrhaging but she reminded me of the red punch before I had dialed for rescue.



ginny CVSA Moderator
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