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Hi my daughter is considered to have atypical CVS, because she has them too often and the stress of having them makes them last longer and be more frequent. She is doing better, but about once a week has an episode. For example, today she woke up not feeling well and an episode started about 45 minutes after waking up. She is now complaining of ear ache and sore throat along with achieness all over. She takes allergy medicine. Does this happen to anyone else??? Just trying to figure out if we can prevent in any way? I know she is tired from finals for school, so I know that does not help. 


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Hi Amanda, every case of CVS seems different from another.  When the episodes are very frequent it could indicate coalescence or also that the cycle has not ended from the previous cycle.

With a sore throat, aches, and earache she might have a virus or allergy or maybe it is possible she has some of these symptoms with her CVS.  Certainly the stress of exams can be a trigger.

Usually the kids can tell a virus from a cycle, even if the symptoms are the same.  

There are lots of possible preventive medications and also the supplements.

If you are new to this and have not yet reviewed the CVSA web page, you will find helpful information with the Empiric Guidelines for CVS, the NASPHGAN study, and other papers.  We have the suggested supplements and dosages pinned to the Main Forum.  Dr. Boles also now has an all in one kind of good tasting powder to mix with a liquid so not as many capsules need to be swallowed.

Be sure to check with the doctor even on the supplements. 

You can find a journal for keeping track of symptoms and events that might lead up to a cycle on the web page as well as a cycle journal to help record what is happening.

If your child has been diagnosed with CVS then she has had the various suggested testing done to rule out other conditions.  Sometimes the tests will miss a condition later diagnosed.  And sometimes other conditions will co exist so it is important to keep testing.

If she is dehydrated she might be admitted, rehydrated, medicated and sedated. Sleep resets the brain to help end the cycle.

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My 15yr son said the other day when he was sick it felt different than his normal episode.  Luckily it only lasted during the day and by bedtime, he was feeling better, next day he still said he felt a little yucky still.   
"just wish there is a fix for our kids"
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