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Hi everyone,
My 14 year old has CVS. The following seem to be her triggers lack of sleep, stress, allergies/colds, and menstrual periods. She had a 1 day episode last week and missed school on a Tuesday. She was extremely tired on Monday and felt like she had a cold/allergies. Unfortunately she did not go to bed early as she should of. She woke up Tuesday starting the episode. Yesterday she was more tired than normal and she was dealing with cramps due to her time of the month approaching. Again, didn't go to bed early enough and woke up this morning with an episode. Of course, I know she needs to get more sleep. But is there anything to do with preventing episodes around her period?

Thank you

Vogel Mom

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Some have done extremely well with birth control/ hormone therapy.  

A gyn once suggested to me that the release of prostaglandins is on menstrual cycle trigger.  She suggested taking ibuprofen a few days prior to the expected period.  Check with the doctor first, of course.

Hard to get teens to bed on time.  Any idea if she does better if she is allowed more sleep in the morning?

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Yes I was actually gonna say the same thing about the sleep. As I can't speak for the periods cause I'm not sure as its my boyfriend that has CVS. But one of his main triggers is getting up by an alarm clock and not being aloud to sleep. It helps alot now that he can sleep in if he wants and wakes up on his own. Which with school I totally see how that can be a almost impossible besides homeschool.

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My son's episodes will start (inidcate) with lack of energy. He is currently in his new type of episode with lethargy and severe nausea. Hard for him to drag his body around.  I am hoping it passes before he starts school next week. 

He is on a very strict sleep schedule. Last week he started changing his sleep pattern by 15 minutes to get back to school time. SO, instead of bedtimes between 11 and 1 am, he changed each might by 15 minutes to get back to 9 o'clock so he will be ready for early morning school hours. I don't know what his schedule is yet because he is avoiding looking at school or contemplating it to avoid stress. Works for him but stresses me out. 

I will advise to follow Ginny's info on the BC and even just motrin for a few days before if you can keep track of that. My son will pretreat or even just stay on motrin when his migraines kick up. so I support that.. but look into the BC as well with her doctor's assistance.

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