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My son is 13 and has autism.  He has had abdominal migraines since he was 2. 

His episodes are unusual because he starts off with stomach cramps after he eats something, vomits, dehydrates quickly, we go to the hospital where he usually spends the next 10 days or so complaining that his lower middle back hurts.  (drs. call it transference pain). (we also have not been able to find a food trigger) We are frustrated during this time because it seems like the doctors try the "everything and anything" plan to abort the episode, then finally  it stops as mysteriously as it starts.  During this time even if he is feeling a little better if he swallows anything, even meds to help him, within 30 seconds, he is completely nauseated again.  It is a slow road before he tolerates food again. 

We would like the doctors to run more tests to rule out other things, but other than gallstones or kidney stones, they haven't done it.   

My question is, does any of this scream mito?  I have read lots of info on mito, and it seems like a lot of invasive testing to go through just so they can tell you to take some vitamins. 

Besides autism and abdominal migraines, His other possiblities for mito are:  his pallor seems to change - some days pale, other days red face for no reason,  his skin can be so cold, and he doesn't seem uncomfortable, he experiences sensory overload issues and will have a tantrum if he gets too hot.  Currently, he is retaining his urine for whatever reason, and we have to remind him to go.  he says it does not hurt though.  He seems to have his abdominal migraine episodes in late August/September so  not sure if it's barometric pressure, or the fact that he has a change of routine and goes back to school.

He is currently taking ** mg of ametrypteline at night.  He has maxalt and zofran to abort an episode, that we never seem to be able to do.  We have ativan too, but this makes him constipated.

Does any of this scream mito to you?  And have you seen huge differences in using the mito cocktail?

Any of you in Virginia?



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OMG the Mito cocktail is one of the things I used, in turn, to heal my daughter (with PDD NOS, not full out autism as we believe she would have had, had we not stopped all her vaccines after her obvious 2 month adverse event).  

I learned it all from Autism-Mercury yahoo group (not all about mercury, by the way, listen to Dana from Danasview, if she's still on there....she had her own blog with priceless info on it...) 

We did
Anti Viral
Anti Yeast
Anti Bacterial
gut healing
Mito Cocktail
Mineral support
diet changes (gluten and casein free strictly)
and also at the end, Chelation (Andy Cutler's safe low-dose oral dosing.  Starting with DMSA to lower the body burden so the net flow of metals - in my daughter's case it was mostly aluminium - was OUT of the brain, with ALA.  3 days on,  4 or more days off, there are other guidelines, ways to do it slowly and safely, join the yahoo group to find out how, and get a hair test at the group rate.  You want DOCTOR's DATA and a HAIR ELEMENTS test not the toxic elements test.....)

all the best.
It can be done!!
Liora and gang in China  

Adult Onset, new diagnosis.  Mom of 3:  kid #1, age 10, formerly with PDD-NOS on the autism spectrum (RECOVERED 5 years ago), a Neurotypical boy age 8 and a lovely 5yo girl with Down syndrome (who we are treating with vitamins and supplements). 
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