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On Monday night at 6:00 P.M. West Coast time I called into the Phone in Support Group, I stayed on the phone for 15 Minutes, hung up and called a few minutes later and stayed on for another 5. No 1 came on, not even the Moderator. The website said it took place the 2nd. Monday of every month. So am I calling at the right time, the right time of the month or is there no longer a Phone in Group anymore? And if so someone should take it down this way people like me won't try and call in.
Could someone please give me the correct info so next month I can call at the right date and time? Thank you. Charlie.

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There was a call on Monday. We had several people on the call. Where did you get the info? It is posted here on the message boards, Instagram and the Facebook page. It's in the e-newsletter. If you can let me know where you go the call in information, we can review it to make sure the information is correct. I appreciate you letting us know you had issues. Please let us know where you looked so we can make sure the info is accurate. 

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