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The ginger can be used in many recipes as well

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You were helpful, actually.  Thanks!  And I am a religious person so a lot of my prayer is centered around "what can I learn from this episode to help me/others in the future"?  Since you mentioned it, I found this link the other day:

I'm not a vegan, but I do only eat fish and lamb.  I found "The Art of Eating" to be especially helpful.  I found the part about not eating too close to bedtime really interesting since I tend to eat later in the evening and then suffer for it at night and in the morning.

For me, ginger and peppermint never worked, sadly.  My big thing is being cold.  If I get too hot, I get sick.  Another thing that helps is air quality.  Since it's hot outside now, I have my dehumidifier in a room that has an air purifier built into it.  I have the sense of smell of a ninja and I can smell if the air seems stale or humid so I have to be in my room with the purified air since smells set me off easily.  I posted a video on the main forum; I think the title of the post is "Great Video about Brain/Gut Axis".  It's it bit long, but the doctor on there has some really good tips about the vagus nerve and all kinds of other topics related to brain gut health.  I posted another topic in the main forum called "Nervous System Issues" and it talks about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how they interact.  I found it to be very informative since I have anxiety with this illness.  There's an exercise in there that has you breathe in and out for four counts each to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to make the heart beat regular when stressed or anxious.  This has helped me.  I did the belly breathing from the article in this post last night and it was very relaxing.  I rarely breathe from the diaphragm and didn't realize how shallow my breaths were and how that would create more anxiety and worse circulation in the body.  

That got a little long, sorry!  I hope some of that helps!

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Hi all some of you know me, I am Smoke also known on CVSA as the King of Puke, I got that nick because of my used to be once or twice a week CVS attacks ( Nope still won't call it a cycle, its a Guy thing )Smoke is short for SSmokeater which is an old name for a firefighter, which I was till I wa given the gift of CVS, But since Dec, its been EVERYDAY attacks, I have had CVS for 22 years, I live in NH but go home to Michigan, My CVS Specialist has been wanting my to get Medical MJ for 22 years but NH never had it, plus I wasn't really into it, didn't really think it help, BUT that changed 2 years ago when I went to to the farm in MI to walk my Baby Sister down the isle , the day if the wedding I was soooo so sick (CVS) I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, I was stressing out big time , I thought I was going to screw up my Sisters wedding day, well a friend who has cancer stopped by to see me and saw how I was and told my wife he had something he thought might help, my wife knew he was my best friend and would never do anything to harm me, he went to his car came back and put a drop of something wet under my tongue, after about 45 mins, I came out of the attack and in an hour I felt like I had never even had been in one, normally it takes me a day or two to get over an attack and I have NEVER had anything med wise that had actually topped an attack, I asked him what he had given me and he said Cannabis oil, I had NEVER heard of it, I wasn't high or stoned BUT felt like my old self, well NH has it now and its to start in the end of Nov and I can't wait, I have been praying for this day for 2 VERY long years
Heave hooo folks and my story on Medical MJ

When you have CVS life is one puke after another
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