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Esophageal spasm and cardiac arterial spasm apparently present in very similar symptoms. And they both respond to nitro spray, so that doesn't help to narrow down the diagnosis. The cardiac is the more serious, so you definitely need to pay attention to it. The cardiac arterial spasm--or vasospastic angina--is not the same as a heart attack, but it could still be doing damage over time. It shouldn't be ignored.

I've been feeling like I'm the ball on a ping pong table where this chest pain is concerned. The GI told me to see a cardiologist, who told me I need a GI because it's probably esophageal spasm. The GI rolled his eyes and agreed to do a series of tests including a Bernstein test to rule out GERD and esophageal manometry to measure contractions in the esophagus. The results show absolutely nothing, but still are not enough to completely rule out esophageal spasm. The GI now wants me to see a different cardiologist. <sigh!>

Meanwhile, I still have the chest pain every two to three weeks, and I will fight anyone who tries to take my nitro away. It knocks the spasm back and I don't have to sit almost paralyzed with pain for 20-30 minutes, waiting for it to pass.

Is it a variation of CVS? I would love to know. For whatever reason, I now rarely have the many-hour sessions of vomiting and abdominal pain. If this is what it turned into, and I can hit it with nitro, I will take it. But it would be nice if a doctor could label it and own it rather than just say, "Not my concern. See a different doctor."

I hope anyone else who has the chest pain stays in touch as their situation progresses. My story continues...
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