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Sorry for the long post just want to give some background. IBS sufferer since a baby but more bowel than vomiting issues. About 5' 6'', 125lbs. In mid thirties, smoke cannabis off and on but pretty regularly since 16. Had first CVS episdes triggered by alcohol use in late teens. Then a few epsiodes triggered by prescription opiates in early 20s. Later years triggered by fast food and junk food and beer. Avg 2-4 episodes a year.

Then I got my diet straight with rice lentils and herbs no alcohol soda or junk or chemicals as best I had learned to identify and avoid up to this point. Now my only episdes were from deviating from my diet about once a year.

A half box of organic gingerbread cookies triggered an episode. But I'm finding addtives like natural flavor and other hidden sources of msg to be a common factor when I have reactions and full on episodes. They hide it in every product on the shelf. Had some organic vegetable broth without addtives and had a reaction. I learned about processed foods and it was likely the way it was processed and pasturized that corrupted the vegetable proteins making the free glutamate toxically bioavailable. Thus having another msg like reaction. This is the same with ultra-pasteurized products. I used to have issues drinking milk. Not lactose intolerance or ib s issues surprisingly. But more frequent CVS episodes. So I stopped drinking milk. Years later, about a week ago I picked up the milk and in three days I had bad anxiety and had an attack. There's so little food out there and I was hungry so decided to try it rather than starve. It worked on day one so did it three more days and whammo andxiety and one day later bad CVS attack.

The only other deviation was from the normal gree lentils, I tried a different brand of sprouted green black and brown lentils. Not sure if this contributed so tossed them. Another factor was being slightly dehydrated from a weekend of off-roading and playing in the desert. Eating a big meal and going right to sleep afterwards. The big factor tends to be the meal not moving throughout the night and waking up to an emergency evacuation order from my gut. The best treatment I've found is iv of bendryl promethezine and Ativan. The bendryl seems to stop an allergic like reaction and the Ativan addresses the anxiety that causes the tenseness, waves of pain and extreme wretching.

The worst treatment seems to be zofran. The under tongue tabs have aspartame in them to give them the sweet strawberry flavor. This triggers worse anxiety and worsens the reactions while providing some sedation to counter the effect. Madness... The zofran iv push gives me a chem taste in my throat and I start a heavy session of vomiting dry heaving and wretching that causes more esophageal bleeding.

Just wanted to share and see if any others find food additives, processed food, and even things like sleep exhaustion dehydration to be factors. I seem to get a feeling of fatigue leading to thoughts of 'maybe I shouldn't eat a big meal or eat at all'. Its not sickness, just not up to eating a meal. When I do anyway it leads to issues and sometimes episodes. May try stopping smoking but it's always been a big help to my gut issues. But perhaps a double edged sword?

Much love to everyone, hope you all find some comfort and relief!

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My son eats small frequent meals.. even if he doesn't feel like it. Protein drinks  or protein bars.. just to keep from triggering migraines. Just like being on a strict sleep schedule. 

MSG has been brought up several times over the years as being triggers for people. Try using the search option to see more of this. 

Some struggle with gluten, some dairy.. It's good that you can recognize what sets you off. We have gone so far as to notate the ingredients in things and look for common ingredients. 

We do encourage my son to eat something even when he doesn't feel like it (unless vomiting) just to regulate blood sugars, etc. 
Lack of sleep can absolutely trigger my son. That is why he has regimented sleep.

We also manage the dehydration. Especially for traveling. We use oral hydration products like Drip Drop or Banana Bag to help keep him hydrated. Frequent resting etc.. things we know that he can struggle with. 

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Thank you for the reply and the info on hydration products. I think grazing on small amounts of food when dehydrated or after lack of sleep is a new mandate of mine based on your son's experience. What are some of the protein bars you've had luck with? I found pea protein to be bad news for me but cricket protein to be ok. But crickets... Really? Lol.

Im scared to death that my go-to meal for the past few years actually caused a reaction. But again there was milk for 3 days prior, different lentils, and the dehydration / exhaustion Factor. So much to consider. I wish your son the best and hope the more you figure out the better off everyone is. I feel like real progress is made in these discussion boards. I took medical advice for years and watched my condition worsen and docs force meds, recommend foods and against foods and regimens that we're just plain bad advice.

Against conventional wisdom, I found additives do have an effect. And diet alone can cure my issues as long as I can stay ahead of the "food" industries dishonesty and egregious practices. This is a battle I feel like we're all losing. Some of us will suffer worse from normalizing our current "food" situation than others. If I can guarantee whole unadulterated food I think the rest is just paying attention to the signs and not overloading the gut when fatigued.

I believe this condition is gaining attention because so many suffer from fake chemical processed food. Learning about how it's processed is like waking to a nightmare. No wonder diet / health issues are epidemic in this 'brave new world".
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