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I’m new to this so please forgive me for any grammatical errors...
After 4 years of hospital trips and many tests later I have recently been diagnosed with cvs, I was relieved to hear this as I was constantly told I had poor immune system or had a food allergy or Was just anxious. During the past year I have had so many days off work.
I’m from the uk and 39yrs old
My question is how do you fellow sufferers manage to keep a job and have cvs? Or have you had to leave work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated ... I would love to stay working but finding it hard with the frequent attacks

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Hi Alice, and welcome. 

Have you consulted our UK counterpart, CVSA UK?

They may have a physician referral that can help you get your symptoms under control. That can be very helpful. 

Things are a little different here in the US for applying for SSI and SSDI. I have heard there is a UK version of that, but I am not certain what it is called. It usually takes a bit to get too.

The CVSA UK spring newsletter just had some wonderful content and this may have been part of it. I would suggest contacting them and seeing what info they can provide you while you wait for people to comment here. I would also use the search option to look for SSI and SSDI for information previously posted on here. Some are quite recent so look for Latest topics. 

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Hi, thank you so much I will look at there website now
And I will look for the newsletter too :)
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