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Hi Guy's
I was wondering if any of you have had this one? 
About a year ago I started having floaters after a couple of really bad episodes only they are big and move in slow or delayed reaction as my eye moves.
Went to the eye Dr. after the first eye started and now the other one happened a couple months ago after more episodes.
Now it is like fly's or spiders are all around me, very hard to get used to and people think I am seeing thing that aren't there.
                                                What' next,Steve

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Hi Steve, I have floaters that are permanent and was told here are many more that I am not actively seeing.

My understanding is that this is an aging thing where the the vitreous jelly-like material inside the eye becomes more liquid.  The collagen within the vitreous start to to clump making shadows that are seen as the eye floaters. I would definitely bring any eyesight concerns, particularly in relationship to concerns about the violent vomiting, to the attention of your eye doctor.  You might not have the type of eye floaters described to me.

As to reactions to something violent, one of my kids broke little blood vessels from the force of the birth process.  This healed fine, is regarded as pretty normal, but was pretty frightening to see in my newborn.

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