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I have to get my diploma 8 months later than planned because I've been in the hospital for a week. I get to attend my ceremony and "graduate", but not get my diploma like everyone else. This is devastating. Waiting longer to pay my parents back, get out on my own, start my very own life, I feel like its never gonna happen no matter how hard I work. Every time I do something right for myself, my body beats me down. I feel defective and like a leech on society. I hate this. I hate CVS. Sometimes I consider just giving up on it all. I'm obviously not meant for the life I've been striving for.
"if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

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First of all your not defective.  You can still get your diploma.  CVS is merely putting up road blocks.  Anything worth having in life is going to take effort.  We have to regroup and get through those road blocks.  It will happen, you have to believe that.  Your not a leech or burden on society.  Keep striving for those things you want.  Sure it's taking longer, but it's still attainable.

I found a therapist who does Cognitive behavior therapy helped me through these types of things that were simply not in my control.  Chin up... you will get there, you just don't see it yet.  This comes from someone whose had this danged condition 31 yrs.


I may have CVS but CVS is not me.

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Hi Pattie,
I don't know if you're still a member on this forum but we are looking into CBT and EMDR for an adult whose symptoms are coalescing, it seems now almost PTSD from the decades of experience.  Would love to hear how you're doing!

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I hope Pattie does answer you.

We went through CBT with my son, he's 20. We could not find a therapist at the time, so I got certified for it with online learning. Was helpful for learn what triggers are and how to help avoid them.

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