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I'm looking for recent experiences with Dr. Abell in Kentucky and the temporary gastro stimulation.  His office says they work with a lot of CVS patients and he is one of the five doctors on the CVSA list for adult doctors.   There is an 8-10 month wait.  

I'm seeking some recent updates.  Thanks!

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I haven't heard anything in a very long time. 

Did they offer to put you on a cancellation list? The wait for the specialist referrals can be ridiculous. We had an appointment a week after my son got out of the hospital with one. Since he had stopped vomiting she said she didn't need to seem him again unless he was vomiting again. He started again the next week. We called and she didn't have an appointment for 7 months. We took it, but the ER, his Primary care and infusion kept calling her to get him in sooner.. and she ignored all the calls. We never were able to get him in to her. We almost lost him in that time period. We were able to go see 3 other GI's in that time period.. 

So keep pushing and call frequently to check the cancellation list. Would be my advice.

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