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Hi All,

I'm relatively recently diagnosed and pretty new here. I read that a "Dr V" was conducting some research back in 2013 about cannabis as a CVS treatment and was wondering if anyone knows whether this study was completed/is available?

It's a shame discussion on this area seems to have got a bit heated in the past! I'm guessing maybe that's why it's so quiet on this board? It made me question whether to comment, but hopefully that's all been put to bed now... I guess CVS is difficult and emotive because all the evidence is so thin on the ground, and it can be so debilitating and scary for people who have the condition as well as their parents/carers.

A lot of discussions do seem quite confusing - different types of cannabis (which I have to say mean absolutely nothing to me), medicinal cannabis oil, different reports as to the efficacy of all of these - as is the case with all the standard meds people seem to be prescribed for CVS....

The way I see it, cannabis is just yet another potential treatment, but to know whether it's effective clearly we need some reliable research on the topic, which will take some time to accumulate. It'd be good to know what the evidence so far says though :-)

Thanks in advance for your help guys, this really is a fab forum x

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Thank you for the post and for the question.

I cannot recall the results of her study but I think asking the CVSA office would be helpful. I am assuming the study is completed.

The reason for moving to the private forum has to do with the message board becoming mostly Cannabis postings.  The BOD was concerned that CVSA would begin to only attract those who wanted to promote Cannabis.  It made sense to have a separate forum.
I agree it is terribly quiet on this forum.  

If the discussion is taken off the private forum the MB might or might not become a discussion of mostly Cannabis.  

I have seen medical Cannabis helping and others who became well after stopping its use.
When approving new MB members it was difficult going through who was registeeen ring to promote their Cannabis oil or hemp oil marketing business.  CVSA does not allow any marketing that has not been approved by the CVSA BOD.

ginny CVSA Moderator
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