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Esophageal Cramps

I have had this symptom for many years now, one of the first times I blacked out the pain got so bad. Thought it was a heart attack went to the ER and stay 3 days (no heart attack) esophagus cramp and the doc's said it was part of CVs and that is what I have thought all these years.
During this winter I had gone to the ER about 13 times in 6 months and then I added/ started on another new set of  meds (I talked about in my posts) since then I have not been to the ER or had an episode of CVS EXCEPT- I have had more of the chest pain episodes than before and they seem to last a bit longer than usual, I thought about calling 911 after 45 minutes but I used 2 sumatriptan shots and 6 hyoscyamine sulfate tabs and 4 ondansetron tabs (both sublingual) and by 60 minutes it was over.
I have had this so many times I know what to expect but it's hard to talk during the attack, if a stranger were to be there they would call 911 even if you told them not to because all I can do lay down holding my chest and squirming around like I'm for sure going to die.
Do any of you people get this?
I have asked this before years ago but forget what was said, I am getting old and may have dreamed that as well.
For anybody who has been following my progress on the new meds, Well I decided to stay with the "Aimovig" (once a month inj) and the 2 new ones Desipramine HCL and Amlodipine.
Well I have not had a CVS attack at all, I have however fought off attacks a number of times with emergency meds (narcotics) that's about all I have for now.
To new comers: I started off going crazy running around looking for a cure, wanting to join the march/walk for CVS handing out flyers/ribbons about CVS, freaking out to find a Dr who could make this stop! That started about 26 years ago and I am still fighting and looking.
I may have found something this time, but my friends say do you know how many times you have said " this is it, I'm never going to be sick again" so we wait and see what happens.
Hope starts here, read my past post so this can make since
OK sick people, pretty sure this is the cure and we will all be better by this time next year!

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The person I recall who suffered from esophageal spasm and pain is Orsonhp.  She was a moderator on the MB and later a long term VP on the CVSA BOD.  Her posts should still be available doing a message board search.

I do recall when we were first discussing the supplements that she dosed with the supplements and prevented a cycle.  I dont think this was her final answer.

What I also heard is that by eating the Mediterranean diet without any gluten, she was able to stop having cycles.  I dont know if this was the final answer-- people who are well leave and we never know how they are doing.

What I do know is that she is a parent, working full time and appears to be well.

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I have noticed not just constriction with my throat, but down through my entire GI tract. After several years my hands and feet began severely cramping as well. I cant entirely blame dehydration but know it wasnt helpful either
I am a 51 year old female with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. On top of all the physical problems caused by this disease, I am now dealing with secondary issues, such as not being able to work outside of my home and divorce which will leave me with very costly medical benefits.

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Have you had the test that they track this? Can detect the spasms? There are medications and supplements that can help with that. I can't remember what they were because we didn't think this was my son's pain. But I know that there are ways to detect and treat it. 

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