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I had cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and quit all marijuana but continued to get sick, especially on holidays. Everyone assumed that I must have been suffering with cyclic vomiting syndrome but I knew, because of how it came on and changed presentation after I quit that it was chs. This continued for over 2 years until I learned that some foods contained cannabinoids, mainly chocolate and black pepper. I stopped eating these 2 months ago and have, for the first time in years, experienced no symptoms whatsoever, even on the holidays. As I understand it, we all have cannabinoid sensors in the brain that have nothing to do with marijuana. Although most people are convinced that these 2 conditions are completely unrelated, the symptoms are almost identical. I propose the possibility that cvs might also be cannabinoid sensor related and could be helped by abstaining from foods containing cannabinoids

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My first thought, was that pepper and things may be your trigger. What triggers that..
There is a ton of research on cannabinoids and Endocannabinoids as well as neurotransmitters that are affected by both.
I would think that if your trigger seems to be cannabinoids, it could still be CHS related.
It is true that CVS and CHS have similar symptoms, but there are a lot of conditions with those symptoms. I do wonder if the endocannabinoid balance is off for CVS patients. Just like the CoQ10 and l-Canitine levels. I have heard there are studies being done on this. But the results could be a while in process. I look forward to the release of the studies. It can help both CHS and CVS patients. Therefore, hopefully the treatment of both in the ER departments and by some physicians.

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A little history, before 1932, Cannabis was apart of the American diet, they grew the hemp the cattle ate the hemp, we ate the cattle and drank the milk so Cannabis was a reg part of the American diet, everyone thinks its AWESOME how Cannabis works on illness, BUT if you look back in history, a lot of the stuff we come down with now, THEY NEVER DID , why because it was apart of the diet, the reason it because illegal is a racial thing, DFR put in a Drug Agency and all of a sudden, the Director said that blacks used it a lot and look at how they are and it started from there, BUT in 1942 all of a sudden the Navy didn't have rope, Plus it was used in a lot of Military Clothing and other Military things and all of a sudden it was legal for growing as long as the US was your only Customer and you kids working the farm could get deferment from serving in the Service  BUT then the WWII  ended and BOOM back to illegal  
When you have CVS life is one puke after another
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