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Hello im new here and this has been part of my life for a while my wife is the one affected by this she has had this for over 3 years multiple visits to the hospital to ER multiple stays time off for over months of work luckily they haven't terminated her they're very understanding and we're definitely appreciative of that well as as this has affected my wife I hate seeing her like this and I hope this helps some of you it has definitely helped her and she will be returning to work tomorrow we found that stress is a huge trigger whether it be from the sickness itself or from the outside sources of everyday life we've learned that the vagus nerve has had a huge part in this sickness after years of medications and doctors saying all the you just have to live with this I started searching other alternatives outside the medical field and found massaging the vagus nerve to be very effective for her I don't know if it will be effective for everyone but I do believe it's the massaging the relaxation of the nerves the muscles everything else that helps overcome the feeling of hopelessness the stress of this illness I learned that the vagus nerve is attached to almost every major organ in our body ending at the stomach and massaging this nerve help her greatly the first time I tried this massage on her she had been throwing up for roughly 2 hours almost Non-Stop taking a little sips and then throwing that up I did the foot pressure points and the massage of her head and neck and shoulder area when I did the foot pressure points she threw up twice more violently than she had before and then it stopped just like that I'm not saying it's secure and she has had a couple of other episodes but they lasted no longer than 30 minutes more of a upset stomach with a little bit of spitting she massages her feet and I massage her neck and shoulders as in the videos I found on YouTube and the episode ends just like that. She does take a single medication for anxiety which doesn't affect her daily life just keeps anxiety from overtaking her. Like I said before I don't know if this will work for everyone but it has worked for us and I hope it will work for you I wish I love you good luck and please it doesn't cost a thing to try this just a little time and if you can't do this yourself it's worth the 50 or $60 to get a massage it could change your life for the better or at the very least relax some muscles that definitely need a break from this horrible sickness

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Stress is tied to CVS.

The vagus nerve has been being studied for the last few years. There is a mind-gut connection. The vagus nerve runs from the brain to the stomach. There is a book out by one of the Doctors we refer to in Los Angeles, Dr Emeran Mayer about the Mind Gut connection. There are vagus nerve stimulators that are being tested for CVS. There are also people trying what is Called tapping. All have been said to be useful for some.

Glad you are finding things that work for you. Thank you for sharing.

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