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Does anyone have any info on if CVS impacts different races and cultures differently. I'm aware that the percentage of CVS sufferers is reportedly slightly higher in women than in men. So I am just curious if there is any information on how CVS affects different groups of people. Does it affect everyone at similar rates or are there differences based on ethnicity or geographic location?

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Since I (and Ginny) have spoken too, or talked with people all over the world, I can honestly say that I don't notice a difference. I know that there are studies on other treatments in parts of the world that don't have access to our treatment plans. I read several yesterday.

People from all over the world contact CVSA. Woman can be more affected due to the monthly hormones. I personally think that woman are just more likely to go to the doctor than men are, but that is personal experience. I do not notice differences in ethnicity or geographic location either. Especially with the studies that I have been reading. If you want to see if that type of stuff is available.. you may try looking at the studies that are done. NIH or National institute of Health has filings of study submissions.. Pubmed.. I have just been coming across the international ones on other searches regarding CVS.
Hope that is helpful.

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