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Hello. My name is Julia & i recently been diongosed with CVS about a year ago. I have been in & out of the hospital 6 times within these past couple of years & finally figured out what I have. This has been really hard on me bc I would get sick every other week or month & didn’t know what caused it. Now that I know what I have they’ve given me serverel types of medications. Ondoansetron for nausea, tramadol for pain & lorazepam that I mainly use for sleep. However I only use these medications when I need it but does not help fully. I’ve also have been given many forms of Phenergan & has only helped for a limited time until I would have to go to hospital. The past 3 times I’ve been adittted i stayed for a whole week & I can not afford to do that anymore. Ive also been prescribed Dronabinol which is a synthetic of maujianna but only helps to eat. I found out that Maujinanna does help me but I live in Texas & cant afford to get in trouble or can’t get the right stuff I need. I have been thinking about trying CBD oils if anyone has tried please let me know if this has worked for you.
Also For the past month I’ve been waking up with a bad pain in my stomach & feeling nauseous & I still take all my medications but only helps so little since I can’t take my pain medication bc I’m feeling so nauseous.. does anyone else have any ways they deal with nausea & pain? Also every time I get sick it happens randomly & im mostly out doing something & I can not control my vomiting. Does anyone else have that problem? And how do you cope with this. I’ve been really sad lately bc I feel like I can’t go out or do much anymore bc of this medical condition. I’m in need of some hope & advice. Thank you so much in advance.

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I answered on your introduction post.
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