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I consider myself extremely lucky I was not smoking marijuana when the vomiting episodes were at their worst the 1st doctor I saw also tried to blame that. I was being treated by pain specialists who were regularly drug testing me so the doctors were forced to look for other causes, for me we blame hormones. I finally live in a state now where medical marijuana is legal and it has been the only thing that has improved my quality of life to this point. I find indica and hybrid strains in combination with a high CBD strain can stop vomiting for me within 1-3hours. It does not stop reduce the other symptoms of the episode however, I am still extremely dizzy have trouble expressing my symptoms until the episode snaps at usually now the 28h mark. I can keep enough fluid down to not dehydrate and maybe need 2 doses of potassium over the next day or so. I am also able to eat usually 2 meals a day which was never an option for me before. Getting proper nutrition has been a struggle for me but I am building muscle and putting on healthy weight. Every strain seems to affect each person alittle differently so I recommend trying them to find which strains work well for your body.
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