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I thought I would share what I'm using in the way of supplements. I'm trying to do the most with supplements and natural preventative methods such as diet and lifestyle changes. I'm really stepping up my game here. I am weaning off nortriptyline and these will be my only preventatives.

Currently taking:

CoQ10 - Bio Sorb Active Q Ubiquinol twice daily (PM me for dosage) from Epic 4 Health. Ordered online and get a discount by stating that I use it for CVS.

L-Carnitine - Naturally Carnispan Time Release L-Carnitine Fumarate twice daily (PM for dosage) also from Epic 4 Health and get a discount.

I had my CoQ10 levels analyzed when I went to Dr. V last week. Just got the results, and I am more than twice the number of the upper normal range. I'm only slightly above the range Dr. V recommends, so I'm backing down and taking them twice daily rather than 3 times daily, which I have been doing for several months now. Now that I know I am established in C0Q10, I'm going to try adding the riboflavin and magnesium to see if it helps. While searching I found the products below.

Just ordered and am about to start taking:

Preventa Migraine- with PA Free Butterbur Root (Petasites), Magnesium, Riboflavin, and Feverfew- 60 capsules. Sold by: Family Tree Remedies. I ordered this online through Amazon Smile and ensured that CVSA got their donation from the sale. Price was $38.09, should last a month. It is PA free, which is important to be aware of if you buy this product. PA damages the liver. This one is safe in that regard.

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics, Women, 90 Capsules
Sold by: AJM Nutrition Price $31.49. Also got this through Amazon Smile. I have been really wanting a good probiotic to support gut health and digestion, and these are the most natural ones I have found. And they have 32 different probiotics, not just 2 like the ones in the drug stores. They also seem to be from a reputable company as well. I read that Garden of life Raw probiotics are the #2 probiotic listed out there today. The #1 product was not natural, however, so I went with this one.

If anyone has used any of these before, I'd love feedback.


34 year old veterinarian. Adult onset at 25. Some recent flare ups but working through it! Breathe, stretch, relax.

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hi, Doc, I have been using Magnesium Threonate, which is supposed to get into the brain, cell nucleus and mitochondria "better" I heard.....  One of the least expensive I've found is the NOW brand at for 24 bucks for 90 capsules..... But that is a low shelf brand IMO and I also first used the Life Extension bulk and capsulised forms of Mag L Threonate.  Just a tip.  U can google Magnesium Threonate ncbi mitochondria to find studies n articles.  Best, Liora
Adult Onset, new diagnosis.  Mom of 3:  kid #1, age 10, formerly with PDD-NOS on the autism spectrum (RECOVERED 5 years ago), a Neurotypical boy age 8 and a lovely 5yo girl with Down syndrome (who we are treating with vitamins and supplements). 
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