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My CVS started about a year and a half ago. I'm 36 and when it started I didn't use pot at all.  Shortly after it started I tried it though because I knew it might help and it does.  My first visit to the ER was in June of last year.  They gave me IV's, called it gastritis and sent me home still sick.  I scheduled a stomach scope and went through with it.  The doctor who did the scope came and told me that my problem was marijuana. I needed to stop or nothing would make me better.  I wasn't even using then but he would hear none of it.  He simply said if you're throwing up like that for days on end and taking showers and baths for relief, it's pot!

The next several times I refused to go back to the ER knowing what they were going to say. I was right.  Finally in October when I had a bout that lasted for 3 days I went again because I knew I was dehydrated and needed IVs to get going again.  After getting the same crap from another doctor I was sent home again still puking.

This last weekend, the bout lasted for 5 days.  I began to fell numbness and tingling and lost the use of my mouth and my hands were spasming. I knew I had to go to the ER again but couldn't even walk.  I was carried to the car and run into ER on a wheelchair.  Because of the spasms, I was told that I was presenting like someone withdrawing from narcotics. Which I wasn't! Turns out all of those symptoms were because of an electrolyte imbalance from throwing up so long. They gave me potassium through an IV and anti-nauseants. My kidneys had failed because of the delay in going to emergency so I was sent by ambulance to a hospital that could admit me.  Once I got there, a specialist came to see me and I got the same old story.  It's the marijuana.  We did a drug screen so we know that's what it is and you can't get any help and we can't even test you until you quit for a while. I actually discharged myself against medical advise two days ago and am struggling not to throw up now. I got it to stop at home by using phenergan suppositories which a friend with CVS recommended and a doctor friend of my mother's prescribed for me.  It took 5 of them 2 or 3 hours apart to actually make it stop though.  I still feel like I'm going to throw up.

 I've had to hit the weed a couple of times when I think the puking is going to start again and it has calmed it down -- that and a few more showers have helped.  The trouble is that I haven't really slept since it started on Thursday.

I'm beginning to believe that it is brought on by stress and I'm willing to take antidepressants or whatever they think might help.  Sleeping pills don't help at all except for maybe 20 minute naps. Ativan helps if I get it in time before an episode starts but I can't take it every day. 

The longest I've gone without an episode is 3 weeks in the last year and a half.  Episodes generally last about 2 to 3 days but have been as short as a half day.  Once I just threw up 4 or 5 times. Every time I have a bout with this demon, I end up hiccuping hard and painfully for 2 or 3 days afterward.  This time I also had spasms of the larynx which were scary because it felt like I couldn't breathe.

I simply can't live like this but can't find a doctor who will do anything at all to help me.  So far they have all said quit smoking weed for a few months.  Then what -- come back to them for the same treatment -- nothing?

If anyone knows of a strain or an oil or anything that can help me, please private message me.  I'll do whatever I can do -- I'll try anything.  I would even take birth control pills which someone mentioned in another post.  I'm desperate.  I can't work because between bouts of puking I'm so weak I can barely walk up and down the stairs.  I feel like my life is over at this point. 

Adam Davis

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I can say this after my 23 years of this,calm down number one relax and except reality, I am so sorry to say this to you but it was said to me years ago. you got it and thats that! pretty sure they will let us know when we are cured. the truth hurts but read on at this site an you will see, get a Dr you trust, thats the best advice anyone has given me and carry your documents to the ER and try to get the ER docs to read them. I wish I had better news/advice for you. I do my best to live and be happy but I have had to accept the facts, there is no cure for this, make a bag with clothes,documents from your Dr and ready to go to the ER. when you go there and give them documents and facts you will find it not so hard (maybe)you have to be on top of this because they may not (I'm sure you have seen how they can be) welcome to the club, I'm sorry you are a mimber. Steve

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CVSA has an active adult study underway.  This is similar to the NASPHGAN study (on the CVSA web page) that helped set up Pedi treatment protocol.  The specifics of the ongoing study are in the current Code "V" newsletter.  

The hope is that the study will be completed in a shorter time period than the Pedi study.  

The fact is that some are worsened and some find benefit from Cannabis.  A user who gets sick after establishing a using pattern might have CHS.  Someone using to help already established CVS might benefit from medicinal Cannabis.  There should be plenty of pro and con posts to read if you use the search function.  And the successful strains hopefully will be named.

Maybe a call to a Cannabis Dispensary or contact with a traditional doctor who prescribes might be helpful as well.

ginny CVSA Moderator
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