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I don't not have cvs or anything of the sort but today I started having bad stomach cramps. I later came home to a very very bad diarrhea. It was very watery and I had to go almost every five minutes for an hour. After that the diarrhea slowed down some. I later got a shower and had to puke. It was yellow chunks and I couldn't figure out what it was until I realized it was pineapple! I hadn't eaten pineapple since lunch the day before! How could this be that I still had pineapple in my stomach? I had eaten many things after the pineapple also and none of those things came up with it! I also tried to drink a glass of water later and it came right up. I took some anti diarrhea pills and ate some chicken noodle soup and drank some gingerale and I felt better after that. Is the pineapple thing normal for the flu? Should it of not been digested already? If this wasnt the flu then what was it?

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The GI tract is so large and involved that we can not tell you what it was. My suggestion would be to contact your primary care physician for advice, treatment and possible testing. If you have a Virus, infection or other issue, we are not doctors and can not diagnosis or tell you what happened.
We can all sympathize with your being sick. But seeing a doctor for your illness would be our first suggestion for any one. 

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