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After being episode free for a few months we seem to be having some very odd things happening. I'll list some below.  Then random nights we wake up where he has vomited that night but it appears to only be 1 time. and he doesn't remember doing it.

Jan 15th - 
  • Woke up fine - around noon he got a sudden tummy ache
  • falls asleep for a few hours                             
Feb 4th
  • no systems but has very bad diarrhea

Feb 14th
  •   has a little chocolate after bfest -  promptly vomits 
  • goes to school and is fine
Feb 15th 
  •  seems fine -  has dinner followed by Chocolate - promptly vomits 
  • He has had chocolate after this and has been fine with it

Feb 17th
  • fine all day around 6pm has a sudden tummy ache 
  • trys to vomit can't 
  • falls asleep for a few hours wakes up at 8pm still off
  • goes to sleep for the night wakes up fine

Feb 18/19th
  • vomits overnight doesn't wake up - Appears to be 1 vomit
Feb 19th -
    Seems fine so far

Thanks -
  We have a call into this doctor to see what she thinks. 

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Chocolate can be a trigger. Look at migraine type triggers, chocolate, aged cheese, things like that. Is he being treated by a neurologist or gastroenterologist? The tummy ache could be more abdominal migraine type CVS. Let us know what your do other says.

For my son, we monitor things like this. When here is increased activity with migraines, nausea, etc it usually menas that an episode is imminent. So we treat for one. It could also mean that is he started new meds, and has been on them, episode free, for a while, this could be showing you either a change in the episode and they are a lot less. Or that the meds could need adjusting. I’m hoping that it is the lessening of the episodes.

You’re doing what is needed to figure it out though.

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