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I just wanted to share my story as my CVS turned out to be appendicitis.

I had been suffering with CVS for almost 2 years. Attacks always the same: severe midline stomach pain and bloating, vomiting every 10-30 minutes for up to 48 hours, low grade fever, disorientation, sometimes with a migraine like headache at the end. I was tested for everything from gallstones to bowel blockages and brain tumour and everything was negative. I was told this was CVS and managed some attacks with triptans and taking warm baths to alleviate the pain in my stomach but they got so bad I was hospitalised several times and given IV painkillers and fluids and then prescribed amytriptiline, which I refused to take for fear of side effects. Attacks were as frequent as every 6 weeks, and I was totally symptom free in between. Not eating and/or overeating seemed to trigger an attack and I could manage the frequency through eating small meals regularly and enough carbohydrates before bed. Overall it was ruining my life, I’d had weeks off work and couldn’t see a way out.

To cut a very long story short, in December I had an attack which lasted almost 5 days. I was in and out of A&E and GP in agonising pain and eventually a doctor queried my diagnosis. A scan showed my appendix had been leaking fluid ‘for some time’. Cue an emergency appendectomy and I’ve been fine ever since.

I wanted to post this as the eventual diagnosis was chronic appendicitis. The similarity of he symptoms with CVS is uncanny and no scan showed up the condition until it got so bad my appendix had burst. All I would say is please ask your doctor in the middle of an attack to scan your appendix if you have one. Especially if you have bad stomach pain and a warm bath seems to help the symptoms. I only found one other poster who had had exactly this happen to them, but I can’t help but feel there must be others out there in this situation

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I glad you found answers. Many conditions have the same symptoms as CVS. My son’s had not only ultrasounds, but a CT scan as well to monitor his appendix. His pain was never anywhere near it. But they looked at it anyway. Several times in the couple years it took us to get a diagnosis of CVS.

Unfortunately, I see more and more doctors cutting corners and not doing rule out tests. I’m glad you got answers and are able to be treated.

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Thank you Amoon.  You are one of a few who had waxing and waning appendicitis.  The first I recall was a young boy around age 8.

I am happy you found your answer and are now doing well.

Many years ago my father was having pain in his mid to upper abdomen.  He was out of state when he had one of his attacks and fortunately the ER was able to figure out that his appendix was inflamed.  It was not located in the usual area so he was having difficulty with a diagnosis.  This was probably over 50 or years ago.

One of the local kids had her appendix burst at age 6.  She was having her attacks but also had frequent strep throat.  I think the antibiotics were masking some of her symptoms.  She was a very sick child for many months.

Again, thank you for letting us know.  Testing is very important.

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